Penguin will be running an advanced course in conjunction
with the Team Pro Motion track event on April 8-9 

Registration to open Mid February
These events will have limited enrollment.

Class Outline

  • Track instruction including a detailed track walk with top pro riders
  • Class material customized to include a myriad of topics.
    • Track Strategy & Line Selection
    • Corner Segmentation and critical corner identification
    • Individual Body Position instruction and a breakdown of critical bike inputs
    • Braking, Corner Speed and Throttle Roll on analysis techniques
    • Student photo analysis
      Optional Topics as directed by the class:
      • Suspension and Chassis Setup
      • Starts, passing and race craft
      • Gear Selection & Shifting            

Class Goals
Our goals are to lower your lap times and allow you to ride faster, with more confidence.  Our advanced instructor crew consists of expert class champions who can help you with bike setup, starts, braking, cornering, race lines, and more! If you have questions, we will have answers. This special course includes classroom, a track walk of a few key corners, open practice, and optional video review.  The small class size ensures that you will get the attention you need to get your individual questions answered and help you make real progress  

The cost per student is to be determined.

"Your breakdown of the track at NJMP was great.  I learned a ton on the track walk and really enjoyed the body position sessions.  The following weekend I was three seconds faster and felt like there was lots more to go!"  - G.M.

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