2017 Pricing for Penguin Events

 Event Type Pre-Registration
(10+ Days Advance)
(1-9 Days Advance)

Walk In
(if available)

 Loudon - All Schools / Track Days $250 $275 $285
 Loudon - Racer Practice $135 $150  $160
 Thompson - All $250 $275 $285
 Caanan  - One Day $250 $275 $285
 Canaan - Two Day $450 $500 $520
 Canaan LRRS Licensed Racer Practice$200 $200 $220 
 Canaan NESBC Entry Fee*  $35  $40 $40
 NJMP - Limited Advanced Course TBA TBA TBA
 Partner Share Events TBA TBA TBA

*Purse paying classes only.  Street rider and Novice races are Free.

Save money
 with Learn to Fly!
Learn to Fly Basic membership - $25/day off prices above
Learn to Fly PLUS membership - $75/day off
Learn to Fly Practice - $749 (licensed racers only) includes 7 racer practices + benefits all year long 
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Pricing for 2017 Canaan Events

Sunday NESBC events at Canaan are Penguin Track Days that will have sportsman races woven into the day (info HERE).  These are optional "races" that will focus on fun and teamwork.  Riders can participate on Track Day level machines!  Each Canaan event is two days, and riders will be able to choose 1 or 2 days for each date.  Monday events have places for track day riders who want to enjoy this fantastic track and learn from our Penguin coaches, plus there will be a racer Practice Session for licensed racers.

Canaan Single Event Rates - Learn to Fly Members save on all of the prices below

Event Type Pre-Registration
(10+ Days Advance)
(1-9 Days Advance)
1 Day Entry  $250  $275 $275
2 Day Entry
 $500 $520  
Racer Practice (LRRS License Required) Per day  $200  $200 $220
NESBC Race Entry (Sunday only)  $35  $40 $40

How to Register      

Register for an account or join Learn to Fly (optional)

  1. CLICK THIS LINK to see the options table
  2. Click the desired membership type on the top row
  3. Complete the registration form  

Registration for Individual Events 

  1. Be sure to log in before you start to register
  2. Go to the "Registration" tab
  3. Click the drop down select "Event Calendar"
  4. Choose either the list or calendar view (toggle at top right) and sign up.

To Cancel a Registration

  1. CLICK THIS LINK to be brought to the Cancellation Form
  2. Select the date and credit option you need
  3. Complete the form and allow 7 days for processing (we may be at the track)  

Kawasaki Ready to Ride Program
When you purchase a new 2016 Kawasaki sport bike from a New England area dealer, you get a free trip to a Penguin Track Experience class.  New Kawasaki owners can access this form by CLICKING HERE

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