FULL RACE Preparation is not required for the PENGUIN SCHOOL or for SUPER STREET riders

Preparing a motorcycle to race is quite different from preparing a motorcycle for the school, which can be typically be done in less than an hour.  Riders do 
NOT need to race prepare their motorcycle to participate in the the Penguin events. All riders who wish to compete in the NEMRR standard classes (other than Super Street) should fully race prepare their bike prior to coming to the track, as it takes a few hours the first time.

Race Preparation Basics
Race bikes need to have all of the street gear removed (lights, mirrors, signals and stands).  Riders will need race bodywork with an oil retaining belly pan.  Antifreeze must be completely flushed out of the cooling system and be replaced with pure water or an approved coolant (see rulebook link below).

Race bikes must also be safety wired.  A good rule of thumb to start is that anything that holds oil or water (like drain bolts and fill plugs) needs to be wired, as well as anything that holds on your brakes or wheels (like caliper bolts and pinch bolts, etc...).  Rear-axle nuts can be held with clips or cotter pins.  Many bikes are required to have heavy-duty case covers, although there is generally leniency shown on the first race weekend.

Finally, all bikes must be equipped with number plates (yellow for NEMRR Novice/Amateur) on the front and on either side of the motorcycle.  If you have bodywork and are painting on number plates - always make the plates bigger than you think you need them to be (small plate backgrounds is a very common error).

This list is a good place to start.  For a complete rulebook, click the link below.  We are happy to help with any questions that you may have.

 NEMRR Rulebook Link 

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