Kawasaki Rental Bikes - Ninja 400 & 650
The Penguin School is offering Kawasaki Ninja 650 and 400 motorcycles for rent at most events.  These wonderful twin cylinder machines serve as a great platform to experience the racetrack and are perfectly suited to the tracks we frequent.  The bikes have a smooth power delivery that makes them very easy to ride.  The chassis are well proven and provide confidence inspiring handling.  The Ninja 400's can be rented both for the school and for racing (both NEMRR and Super Street) and they are competitive in several classes.
The 650s are for school use or Super Street  only and are not setup to pass racing Tech Inspection.

Bike Rental rates apply for both school and racing.  These bikes are very popular, so please call ahead early to reserve!  (Prices do not include school tuition, license or race entry fees)

Bikes Available: Ninja 650, Ninja 400 


1 Day School Rental 
Includes use of our bike all day during the school and open practice, or for one day of racing. Price: $300  

2 Day School/Race Rental 
Includes use of our bike all day during the school and open practice, plus practice and two races the following day. Price: $500 (Ninja 400s only)

3 Day Weekend School/Race Rental 
Includes use or our bike all day during the school and open practice, practice and two races on Saturday, plus practice and two races on Sunday Price: $650 (all bikes work for Superstreet, the Ninja 400s is the only model that works for NEMRR)

Damage Deposits
Option 1:  Your first option one is to ride the motorcycle and leave a damage deposit to cover the repair of the motorcycle in the event of a crash.  This is most often done with a credit card and you will sign a form acknowledging your liability for the motorcycle.  You will be charged to fix whatever you break, and the assessment of the damage is completely at the discretion of the Penguin Racing School.

Option 2:  You may buy damage insurance for $150.  This covers you 100% for any accidental damage to the motorcycle during a single crash, minus deductible.

  • Rental Insurance: Your deductible is $500.  That means that in the event of a crash you are 100% liable for all damage up to $500.  In other words, in a tip over that doesn't damage the bodywork and just bends a brake lever, you will only be charged for the lever.  If an incident does a lot of damage to the bike, your max liability is $500.

Reservations / Cancellations
For Policy  Information CLICK HERE
To sign up for an event, CLICK HERE to be brought to the schedule page.  You will have the option to sign up for the class and rent bikes, or you can select "Equipment rental only" if you have already registered.

Required Equipment

Riders must have full coverage Snell helmet that was manufactured no longer that 5 years ago, leather boots, leather gloves, zip together leather jacket and pants, or a full racing suit. Rental suits, boots, gloves and helmets are available. You should reserve all rental equipment in advance

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