The most important thing you can do to ensure a great day at the track is to arrive early.  You should arrive at the track early (preferably the night before) to give yourself ample time to unload and get through registration, which opens at 7:00 a.m.  Some good items to bring along are listed below:

  • Notebook and Pencil - there is a TON of information!
  • Air Bottle & Tire Guage
  • Fuel Can (Full of fuel)
  • Tool Box
  • Painters Tape (for taping over your lights) & Duct Tape
  • Water, Gatorade (or similar) and snacks
  • A change of clothes and toiletries (many facilities have showers)
  • Stands and Tire Warmers (optional but recommended)
  • A Friend (Video Camera optional)
You can rent a motorcycle or gear for any of our school days - be sure to make your reservations in advance. 

Here is an article about how to get a good start to your Penguin experience.

For motorcycle and equipment preparation, please see the Equipment Requirements FAQ

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