You will be able to add rental equipment & motorcycles when registering for most event.  There is a place on the registration form (go to the schedule to find the registration form for each date) to reserve any equipment you need.  Long distance events for Penguin (FLA, etc..) typically don't offer rental bikes.

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Riding Equipment
For those riders who do not own the proper equipment to ride on the racetrack, The Penguin Racing School is pleased to provide a selection of top of the line equipment for rent.  Vanson leathers are known worldwide for their exceptional build quality and rider protection.  Arai helmets have been regarded the #1 helmets in the world for nearly a decade.  TCX boots and Held gloves offer excellent protection and are some of the most comfortable products we have tested.  All of these products are available for rent at a fraction on their purchase price.

If you are unsure if you want to ride your bike on the track, we have a great opportunity to ride some of the best motorcycles on the road today.  The Penguin Racing School has available for both the school and for racing a fleet of Kawasaki motorcycles.  These bikes are agile, confidence inspiring and have wonderfully high torque v-twin motors.  We have found them to be a perfect bike to acquaint yourself to the racetrack with.  Don't miss out on the opportunity to try one of these incredibly enjoyable machines.

Tire Warmers
If you are planning to run race tires during your day at Penguin, tire warmers are an absolute must to get the most out of your day.  For riders utilizing street tires, tire warmers are not needed as these tires are designed to work at lower temperatures.  Race tires definitely have superior grip to street tires when hot, but at ambient temperatures they actually have much less grip than a street tire.  The colder it is outside, the more important this is.  Using tire warmers on race tires is much safer and avoids wasting the first 2-3 laps each session tiptoeing around on cold tires.  Tire warmer rental fees are credited 100% to the purchase of a new set of warmers (certain restrictions apply). 

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